Friday, February 18, 2005

Software Agent Technology

We have been doing deep background research in the emerging field of Software Agent Technology since 1996. The hype has been there for some time, but reality and the technology is far from catching up. There are many academic research conferences held each year and still we haven't even barely scratched the surface of this promising technology.

You may view the fruits of our labors to date at our portal site for Software Agent Technology (

If you would like to retain our services for more information on this technology of the future, drop us an email.


At 12:26 PM MST , Blogger Lee said...

Hi Jack,

I'll be the first to leave a comment in your Blog. It's amazing how quickly you've taken to blogging, with 7 postings in just a few hours! You've given me an idea to allow comments on each posting on my own blog. That wasn't a feature available when I first set up the blog nearly 3 years ago and so I'll go and see if it's an option now.

Looking forward to seeing you at Entcon next month...



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