Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Developmental Robotics

For future reference, check out the topic of Developmental Robotics. From the Wikipedia:
Developmental Robotics (DevRob), sometimes calledepigenetic robotics, is a methodology that uses metaphors from developmental psychology to develop controllers for autonomous robots. The focus is on a single robot going through stages of autonomous mental development. Researchers in this field study artificial emotions, self-motivation, and other methods of self-organization.

DevRob is related to, but differs from, evolutionary robotics (ER). ER uses populations of robots that evolve over time, whereas DevRob is interested in the organization of a single robot's control system develops through experience, over time.

DevRob is also related to work done in the domains of Robotics, Artificial Life.

For the record, I am personally far less interested in the "organization" of a single robot's control system than I am in the organization of multiple or many interacting robots. That is where the real development and "intelligence" lies: the group or population.

-- Jack Krupansky


At 9:57 AM MST , Anonymous DARRYL CLAY said...

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