Friday, February 10, 2006

C-KOW: Consumer Knowledge Ontology Web vs. COW: Consumer Ontology Web vs. CCKW: Consumer-Centric Knowledge Web

I've come up with yet another possible mnemonic name to associate with my white paper entitled "The Consumer-Centric Knowledge Web - A Vision of Consumer Applications of Software Agent Technology - Enabling Consumer-Centric Knowledge-Based Computing":


C-KOW (pronounced "see cow") is an alternative to which is a bit wordy and not very memorable, , or even .

For now, I'm sticking with () as my prime candidate since it's so simple to write and say. It's starting to grow on me. If I go with it, next I'll have to decide what would stand for. Obviously one of the "O"s would be . I think it should relate to a much simpler approach or method to constructing ontologies. More Obvious Ontologies?

Yes, it is Friday evening.

-- Jack Krupansky


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