Sunday, June 30, 2013

Solr book updates for function queries and update processors and Hot Spots page

I just finished another wave of formatting and indexing for the Function Queries chapter. This includes an alphabetical table of the functions.
The Update Processors chapter now has a clean, clickable table of update processors, with shortened name and short summary.
I also added a new Preface page, called "Solr Hot Spots" that has direct links to some particular sections of the book that warrant highlighting, such as the list of functions, the list of update processors, and the grammar specifications for the main query parsers (Solr/Lucene, dismax, and edismax). The Update XML and JSON chapters are also "hotlinked" on that preface page. The general idea is that the reader can access a lot of interesting content even before they dive deep into the Table of Contents.
Now I'm down to sorting through all of my notes to decide what else to include in EAR #2 at the end of the week.

-- Jack Krupansky


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