Thursday, July 04, 2013

EAR#2 for the book is almost ready to go!

Okay, I'm basically done with the edits to the book, Solr 4.x Deep Dive, for Early Access Release #2. I'm just doing a few final checks for nuances I missed here and there. It's still nowhere near final, but basically ready for this release.
I'm toying with whether I should release it at midnight tonight (Thursday) so the guys in Europe will have it at 6 AM, or at 8 AM ET for the Yanks, or noon, or EOD Friday – 5 PM ET. I haven't decided yet. I may go with midnight since it is basically ready and that would get it out of the way, and Friday can be spent starting on EAR #3. I am a little worried about setting a precedent or expectation for the release time for future releases, but... I think I'll sidestep that issue by just saying that there is a 24-hour release window for Friday – anywhere from midnight (okay, 12:01 AM ET Friday) to midnight on Friday. Then, generally I will shoot for early in the day on Friday as a nominal goal, but that whole 24-hour window is fair game.
The other agonizing decision for this second release is whether to release as a new title or simply update the existing title. The latter has the advantage that existing links remain valid and will always point to the latest release, and sales numbers are cumulative. So, I'm leaning towards the latter – update existing title. Actually... now when I look at the URL, it does have the EAR number in it, so... I may have no choice but to "retire" the old EAR and publish a new one – we'll see, soon enough.
What's in this release? Read my earlier blog posts – it's all there.

-- Jack Krupansky


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