Sunday, July 31, 2005

Simple knowledge text format

I need to start coming to grips with the need to be able to represent "knowledge" in some easy to use text format, presumably XML.  This includes ontologies, taxonomies, reference data, entity attributes, entity relationships, etc.

A full-blown XML format would probably be far too cumbersome for everyday usage.  Rather, I'd like to come up with a generic simple text format as well as "mini parsers" (and formatters) that would let the user use variable syntax that can be adapted to specific knowledge domains.  The knowledge file could then be trivially toggled between the simple text format and the full XML format, at will, as needed.

Somebody may have or prefer a GUI editor, but editing the simple-text format should be a credible option as well.

Anybody have any advice and experience?

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Distributed Machine Intelligence or Distributed Computational Intelligence versus Distributed Artificial Intelligence

The term () has been around for some time, but I would suggest that we use the term () or maybe even () instead since it better characterizes what we are actually trying to do.  We're not simply trying to mimic the human brain, but trying to exploit the capabilities of computational machines, and in some cases we will even exceed the capabilities of the human brain.