Thursday, September 26, 2013

Solr 4.x Early Access Release status

I'm behind in my writing, so I won't be publishing a new Early Access Release for my Solr 4.x Deep Dive e-book this week. I suspect that I'll stay on the same calendar schedule and try to get EAR #8 out on October 11, 2013. Sorry for any inconvenience!

-- Jack Krupansky

Friday, September 13, 2013

Early Access Release #7 for Solr 4.x Deep Dive is now available for download on

Okay, it's hot off the e-presses: Solr 4.x Deep Dive, Early Access Release #7 is now available for purchase and download as an e-book for $9.99 on at:
(That link says "1", but it apparently correctly redirects to EAR #7.)
Summary of changes:
  • Coverage of Collections API (reference for SolrCloud, but tutorial with examples is TBD)
  • Coverage of File Access API
Total of 34 pages of additional content.
Please feel free to email or comment on this blog for any questions or issues related to the book.

-- Jack Krupansky