Sunday, June 26, 2011

Human Surrogate Travel

Surrogate travel is the concept of using a remotely-controlled robot to simulate travel and sensual experiences in a remote location. The user can move the robot around and listen and see what is around the robot. But this may be a significant logistical challenge given today's robotic and communications technology. So, why not use an actual human in place of the robot? The human robot would have one of more video cameras and microphones to provide sensual experiences to the user as well as a headset and microphone for communications with the user, so the user could audibly direct the human robot to move in a semi-mechanical or intelligent manner and the human robot could give the human user feedback as well.
This intermediate form of surrogate travel would be much more technologically feasible at the present time and in some cases maybe even more economical as well as more flexible. It might also be more socially acceptable than a free-roving robot.