Thursday, July 18, 2013

Early Access Release #3 for Solr 4.x Deep Dive is now available for download on

Okay, it's hot off the e-presses: Solr 4.x Deep Dive, Early Access Release #3 is now available for purchase and download as an e-book for $9.99 on at:
(That link says "1", but it apparently correctly redirects to EAR #3.)
I just added:
  • Changes to NorwegianLightStemFilterFactory and NowegionMinimalStemFilterFactory for Solr 4.4
  • Added ScandinavianFoldingFilterFactory and ScandinavianNormalizationFilterFactory for Solr 4.4
  • Added description and examples for new rowid and rowidOffset parameters for Update CSV for Solr 4.4
  • Misc. random cleanup
Previously, I had added the following for EAR#3:
  • A new parameter for field selectors for the field mutating update processors to indicate whether fields must be in the schema or not.
  • Addition of the parse update processors for converting string values to numeric, date, and boolean values.
  • Addition of the Add Schema Fields Update processor.
  • The Min and Max Field Value Update processors now handle numeric values properly when using the JSON update format, but the new parse update processors are needed for numeric values when using the XML, CSV, or other non-JSON update formats.
  • Added the new Pattern Capture Group token filter (PatternCaptureGroupFilterFactory.)
Although some of those changes are in fact documented in the Lucene and Solr Javadoc and Solr Reference Manual and Solr wiki (all available FOR FREE!), I focus on providing greater detail and a lot more examples – a deeper dive. For example, the book includes a full list of all of the tokenizers, all of the token filters, and all of the update processors.
Over the past two weeks I did a bunch of research and wrote up some notes on SolrCloud, but I didn't have anything of publication quality yet.
I wouldn't bill EAR#3 as a "major" release – if you already have EAR#1 or #2, you may want to hold off for another release or two, although there have been LOTS of improvements.
Please feel free to email or comment on this blog for any questions or issues related to the book.

-- Jack Krupansky


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